Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Make the most of Auctions

Many houses, apartments, luxury villas and dream safari lodges (to name a few) are being auctioned! Whatever the reason - the focus of this chat is how to make the most of these auctions if you are looking for an investment!!!  

Auctions are an age-old proven method of selling property. No matter what the reason behind the sale - the point is that the property NEEDS to be sold URGENTLY!! Property auctions are great ways for investors to purchase property inexpensively. So how can you go about this - here are some tips that may help you!!!


  1. Know all the details of the auction - try not neglect the little details - this is a great way to gain as much info on auction property as possible prior to auction date! This is a great way of sifting out the properties you are not interested in.
  2. The info made available is often vague and limited - investors must always dig deeper to learn the affordability and potential problems prior to investing in auction property. Prior to the auction keep in mind:
    1. Get finance in place or a loan pre-qualification before the auction to speed up the purchase process.
    2. Invest time in researching properties online independent of what is available from the actual auction company.
    3. Get a comprehensive valuation of the property, decide on a reserve price for sale and a ceiling on a purchase price for buyers.
    4. Understand the deal fully - costs, deposits and the finance process.
  3. Auctions offer a great mix of potential investments - look for the category that interests you! Categories include - residential, industrial, retail, office and hospitality! Many quick sell auctions information are available online are from the commercial banks and private lenders hoping to sell property quickly. These may not be advertised as heavily. Keeping tabs on foreclosures happening in the local area can help investors find potentially valuable properties operating in the auction arena.

Use online auction real estate listings and services and other foreclosure services to find potential auction properties before other investors purchase them. Foreclosure listings are public information but are generally difficult to find.

The global financial crisis/recession has made trading conditions difficult resulting in adverse effects on the property market and for property owners. No matter what the reason or category - a lot of properties have  come onto the market in an auction-type sale. At present the market is in a long slow recovery process and will not have a dramatic change over the next 6 months.

It is expected that genuine recovery of the property market will only start to show towards the end of 2012. Investors who invest long-term who demonstrate patience will always reap long-term benefits in real estate no matter what category they invest in.

For investors, auctions are a great ways of buying investment properties (throughout the world) and the time to do so is now!!! With the predictions as they currently are - you should reap major benefits in the last quarter of 2012!!

If this interests you - look at using money transfers as the way to purchase the property! Using this method will save you hugely - you save when you use online money transfer services and save on the auctioned property!!!


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Auction is really a great way of selling any property.One thing is that an average income buyer or real estate can not enter in auction.What you say about it?But the big income people have a lucky chance of getting good chance of selling.