Friday, 22 July 2011

Wie de f.... is in beheer meneer!

Well its not often that we find the banks being funny about things but they really are and when you try get money, or change accounts or heaven forbid try get money back, or just go and deposit some cash into your account - you know you will be challenged.

Well , look at and follow the bank antics and it must bring an awesome smile to your dial, because you know, that this is what has happened to you, or a friend or someone, at least once.

I certainly have some empathy for the banks because no matter what they do, no matter how many processes they put in place, somehow, it goes wrong very quickly.  Maybe because it is 25 million people to 100 branches odds that nails them, and someone is going to be mad!

Without singling out Standard bank, ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Capitec, RMB, Investec as a culprit, these are a few snippets for this wonderful Almost Spring Friday (ASF!)

1. Self employed client, who has banked same bank for 22 years wife banked with same bank for 17 years and has business account with bank as well.  Wife started new business sponsored by Old business and backed by surety from both clients and the bank refused a 50% mortgage due to " Could not confirm relationship with the client"...eeeeeish  Client went to and voila home loan granted withing 3 hours.  They had submitted their home loan through the mortgage originator on the advice of the bank - 7 times and it only took 6 and a half weeks.

2. Well not to be outdone, one of the other banks took 12 weeks and 9 submissions to get a R 100,000 home loan as a further loan because they could not prove her company she works for was a legitimate company - she works for PAM GOLDING! - must be some obscure company

3. Bank no 3 - Electronic payment done to incorrect client from one client - pure mistake (finger) problems and reported it to the bank to cancel.  Went to recipient bank explained mistake and sorted that out.  Refund happened as follows:

Sending bank refunded the money 4 Times
Receiving bank refunded the money 3 times

at R 285 - a pop this was a win, so went back explained the mistake to sort out and guess what nothing has been done except Sending bank refunded 1 more time and receiving bank refunded 1 more time

Maybe we should all work with these banks... Bless them and have a great weekend

So as they say in the country... Wie de f..... is hier in beheer meneer!

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