Friday, 26 August 2011

Interest rates set to Drop???

So with SA consumer inflation raising by 0.3% from June to July a lot of pressure is being put on the SA Reserve Bank to drop interest rates and curb the rising inflation.

This is great news for those buying a home and looking for a mortgage or home loan, but bad news for those wanting to save.

Take the elder for example they seem to live off the interest from investments and this will smack them hardest.  The younger folk are OK but as the balance of Old versus young swings and people are living longer it seems like those inflationary measures are now no longer working and the drop of interest rates do not tend to increase spending as before.

So those who want to buy and invest into SA may want to make free money transfers to SA and benefit from a better rate and those who want to save, finance a property as a syndication or family group and speak to your best mortgage and financial planner.

We feel that this is the tend between now and the second quarter of next year and with the Eurozone in a quandry, US keeping rates as they are, Gold taking a smack as investors realised cash yesterday and the Libyan situation where it is, its time to only take a long term view and invest in property.  Buy low.


Payday loan company said...

If the inrerest rates are going to drop then this will help the people and they will be having the benefits

Payday Loans said...

This means we can expect interest rates to start falling later this year, putting some of the purchase power back into the pockets of already struggling consumers.

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Family Offices Singapore said...

This drop in interest rate will help many people to buy their home and they will end up paying less money as interest compared to the earlier time.

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