Monday, 26 September 2011

30% return on Investments mmmm!!!!

Interested in earning a proven 30% fixed return within 12 months whilst also helping climate change
We can help you send up to SAR 4 million across for an investment - sending money from SA

Emerald Knight is proud to offer investors an exclusive opportunity to purchase carbon credits direct from a prestigious project in the Amazon that will be sold to the offset market during a 12-month period to generate investors a fixed 30% return on investment.

Let me send you a brochure - I think it is worthwhile looking at this company and their offerings - the Mage!

Investment highlights
Min investment of £4,500

Fixed return of 30%

Short-term investment - ROI in

        just 12 months

Help mitigate climate change

Carbon offsetting is a rapidly
growing market

Voluntary emission reduction
project (VER)



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