Monday, 17 October 2011

Can I get a Mortgage out of SA?

Very often getting a home loan depends on having a bank account, living in a country or having cash?

Not true.  We spoke with various Mortgage Providers worldwide and in this series of intervieiws learnt some interesting finance truths, broke some myths and have now setup a first of a kind network of friends for you the world wide investor.

Any questions just ask us.

Todays question:

Joseph.."I have a job offer in the UAE but will only start in 2012.  in the meantime If have found an apartment with an option of rent to buy.

What sort of rate can I expect and are there deals available"

Answer from Gulf Lenders Networks to us:

"yes there are always deals available.  We have just announce that you can currently get Fixed Rates from 3.99% for 1 year, now applicable to 80% finance on Villas/ Apartments, but of course terms and conditions apply"  "give us some more detail and we will answer all your questions"

This kind of question opens the doors for all of us to understand what is available and to be able to talk to those that know.