Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Signor Budget balance baby in a Nutshell!

So the announcement from Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan hasreleased our new 3 year budget plan and this is what he said in a nutshell

GROWTH - A cut to 3.1% in the economic growth forecast for 2011, rising to 3.4% in 2012, 4.1% in 2013 and 4.3% in 2014.

INFLATION - The headline consumer price index (CPI) is expected to average 5% in 2011 and remain below 6% over the next three years, within government’s 3% to 6% target range.

CURRENT ACCOUNT - The current account deficit is seen widening over the next three years from 3.4% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2011 to 3.8% next year and 4.2% in 2014 as import growth outpaces export growth.

BUDGET DEFICIT - The treasury plans to trim the budget deficit to 3.3% in the 2014/15 financial year from 5.5% in 2011/12.

DEBT - National government net loan debt is projected to rise from just over R1 trillion at the end of 2011/12 to more than R1.5 trillion by 2014/15.

TAXES - Total government revenue, as a percentage of GDP, is seen falling slightly from an estimated 27.3% in 2011/12 to 27.0% in 2012/13 before reaching 27.7% in 2014/15.

SPENDING - All government expenditure as a percentage of GDP is seen declining gradually over three years, from an estimated 32.9% in 2011/12 to 32.2% in 2012/13 and 31.0% in 2014/15. The budget framework provides for a 5% annual cost of living adjustment for public sector employees.

REVENUE - tax revenue projection for 2011/12 is cut by R13bn to R728bn from R741bn - mainly on VAT receipt revisions - before recovering to R812bn in 2012/13.

TAX - The government says it will consider policy measures to raise tax revenue if the economy fails to recover as predicted.

JOB CREATION - Government will provide R25bn over next six years to boost industrial development zones, assist job creation and support transition to a green economy.

HEALTH - Treasury backs 10 pilots of the proposed national health insurance scheme, with further funding details expected in February 2012.

CLIMATE - South Africa is to strengthen climate change policies and seek global and private sector funding for green interventions over the next three years.

So put your money into property.

My best is the Government spending go guys!


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