Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Good News Please The Good News

Well today Dec 1, 2011 is world AIDS day and to mark this occasion it is great to know that the clinics are having great success with reducing HIV positive status for young babies born from HIV positive mothers.  How wonderful.

On this same day, we see stock markets rise on the back of European banks raising their funds and backup funding for bailouts, albeit they may need to raise this from the IMF.  But that's OK.  In fact if you want to see who owes what to whom in the Eurozone click here.

On the SA home loan and mortgage front, we have seen a very slow rise in lending, but there is some very good news.  ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB and Nedbank have all changed their lending criteria for the better.  Well done guys, so if you are risk averse and ready for the plunge get your homeloan today from these guys and make sure you sue a great mortgage originator who will not only get you the best deal but also discounts on attorney fees etc.

So great news in the money transfer arena.  Globalfundi a SA based transfer company has announced the best rates and no administration fees for moving money out of SA and they assist in all the Reserve Bank and exchange control requirements.  Save a whack when you send or receive money to and from SA.  That's great news.

In this last month of the year you may need to raise funds quickly so look at getting some cash in the pocket and then pay it off with your bonus asap.  personal loans are very popular and the bank lend fairly easily as long as your credit report and record stays clean.

For those wanting to get to the top of google use a great SEO company today, there are many.  we see savings made of up to $120,000 a year from the case studies. 

The best news of all - its Christmas time, give something to those in need and we wish everyone we know and do not know a great recharge for 2012.


Dave Velasco said...

This is really a good news for everyone - well almost for everyone.

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Sabrina said...
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