Thursday, 19 April 2012

Aiming for the Prize

Did you know that you can plan and work out as much of a plan and method as you wish, yet chance will have the last laugh?  If you think you have the right formula to win that coveted prize, win at roulette or poker, Lady Luck is either going to be smiling down on you or she is not.

Do we get rich or do we get bankrupt? Do we arrive home safely or have an accident? We all like to believe that we have a measure of control over our lives but we forget that there is a more powerful force pulling the strings, and that is Lady Luck.

An auspicious winner at any casino is the casino’s best advertisement, and if you want to throw a 5 or 6 when rolling the dice, you are more than likely going to be throwing the dice twice as hard than if you only want a number one or a number 2, doing this quite subconsciously.

Many individuals have tried finding a pattern in the nu8mbers when playing the lotto, but few actually win the big prize or any prize at all, for that matter.

It is all a question of luck, and the more you try the greater your chances are, really. Everything seems to be a numbers game in life, so if you have a prize that you simply covet, best play as often as you can so that you increase your chances.

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