Thursday, 3 May 2012

How do I get my Property website to the top of Google - Part 1

I am sure you have asked yourself the question over and over and over.  How come my property website does not appear first in Google when people search for property and homes?  Have I not the best property deals available?  Do I not offer the best commissions and services?

I understand that Google had over 2.5 Billion page views per day at beginning of 2012 and that 67% of Internet users have gone online to search for a product that was advertised offline - which often suits my expensive billboards I place in my area.  I read that 89% of consumers research products online which includes properties, distressed sales, properties in possession and all kinds of property deals, and yet 63% purchase offline yet more frequently online sales in the property industry is being made.

YouTube is now averaging 2 Billion videos views per day globally and I have tried to make my own videos and get them "up there" and even better, there are 5 billion mobile users worldwide.

OK, so I have Facebook but all my friends are just that friends, and I want them to buy properties from me and I even have a twitter account and a LinkedIn account and then in July2012 Google+ launched, a new social network that no one apparently wanted and guess what? It reached 25 million users in less than 30 days. 

Our 2012 planning therefore has include a plan for all clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+, as well as other emerging social networks as needed but I am still totally concerned - How do I get the buyers to notice me and come to my property website? 

the truth my friend is that: Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid search (Google and Facebook Advertising) is a serious marathon, and not a 100 m race!

So in part 2 I look forward to talking about how you the property person with a super property website can start getting your business to the top of Google, get the leads you want; convert these leads to clients and start managing your budget so that you can get the bang for your buck!

Please feel free to add comments, email me, add your thoughts, questions and each and everyone will be answered and added to our free getting to the top of Google conversation.

So if you want to start - get a free website audit!


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Barry Davies said...

Without a doubt its a marathon - not a sprint! And too many folks seem to be looking for silver bullets - and paying the penalty.

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Wolco said...

Beautiful writing and a big help for property site owners.
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aliah said...

Search engine one thing that any one can go with..2 technique you can opt in SEO is.. offpage optimization and onpage optimization..optimizing your website will make your website..visible in Google top search..:-)