Thursday, 29 November 2012

There is no problem with Hoedspruit - 100% home loans available.

There is no problem with the estates in Hoedspruit.

Obtaining finance and a home loan even a 100% home loan is possible.

Why there are so many properties available, especially vacant stands is because when there was the property boom about 5 years ago, developers climbed on the band wagon and started developing all these estates. Some were great and some not.

As you know Hoedspruit is a small town so without the outside and overseas buyers, who became fewer and far between, when the market dropped, these properties could not be sold.  But it seems to be changing.

Over the past year the market has gradually recovered and we have seen more movement as far as property changing hands is concerned and Hoedspruit seems to have become the destination of choice and International home loans, mortgages and banking has been a normal occurrence once again.

Hoedspruit is a lovely little town with a  friendly and caring community that attracts one time visitors to become residents.  So looking for finance contact your favourite financial wizard.

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