Tuesday, 19 March 2013

FNB Home Loans Update - From Head Office

FNB Housing Finance is excited to announce that we have now officially joined Home Loans and
other banks in rolling out Interbank Document and Data eXchange (IDX) for our customers.

IDX is an interface which allows bank agents (within FNB) to request bank statements from all
other banks using a specified criterion. The purpose of this crossing point is to eliminate the
lengthy and unpleasant process of having to ask and wait for customers to bring their monthly
statements from banks which they hold their personal active account/s in order for their “loan”
requirements to be considered. Furthermore, this also allows the affected bank to be privy to
information which the customer might withhold/omit that could prove to be troublesome at a later

For now, customers are allowed to opt not to partake in this roll out but it will be mandatory at a later
stage. We request that you utilise the existing (applied by other banks) form for all FNB Housing
customers who would like to involve themselves in this roll out.

Thank you for your continued support.

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