Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Love the Kruger Park to visit but prefer a home on the outskirts to live.

If you are like me, I love to visit the Kruger Park, spend a day on the outside, play some golf and then go back in for the day.  I first visited Raptor’s about 10 years ago and the view offered secure living in a well-maintained wildlife estate,  situated on some of the finest bushveld that South Africa has to offer. Game abundant, lots of things to do, great restaurants in town and there are some great houses to buy in this place and the prices are excellent.

Not only is Raptor’s View a fantastic investment but it also offers plenty privacy and a school if needed, an airport nearby and traversing rights on the Blue Canyon conservancy.

If its family and friend entertainment you love, this place is for you.  I went to look at a few places in the area and looked for a bargain (as we all do) and found a place that was just up my street - perfect for the great entertainer (ha my wife, not me), this house was situated on the banks of the riverbed with a full view onto the Drakensburg Mountains and some huge leadwood trees, great pool and braai area

So these great estate agents in Hoedspruit gave me what I want, but being overexposed at the banks I could not come up with the mortgage - drats and have had to let it go

My lesson - see if you can afford a place in the bush in advance with a mortgage originator such as Wizard Midrand.

Get the best estate agent in Hoedspruit to work for you

be patient!  Your bushveld property is waiting for you - and so is mine!

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