Wednesday, 26 February 2014

10 Reasons why budget speech will matter in 2014

Forget about staying in bed, Pravin Gordhans’ 2014 budget speech today is
Min Pravin Gordhan
bound to get your blood up one way or the other.  I feel it is all about managing the budget deficit and spending on social needs and ensuring standard economic growth.

Why does the budget speech for 2014 matter?

1.       We need to make sure we balance social spending versus making sure we grow economically. A big balancing act from Pravin Gordhan.

2.       It is the 5th democratic election year since 1994. Listen to the 2014 budget speech and then also listen for budget allocations and any changes on taxes.

3.       Listen if the budget speech will contain steps to cut state spending and lower taxes.  A high hope.

4.       Will this force Unions to stage more protests for job creation – will the growth be part of the speech?

5.       Will the budget speech support job creation as a whole and stimulate economy.

6.       Can we expect sin taxes to go up on tobacco and alcohol?
7.       If the budget is not managed expect a broader tax creep such as addition tax types.

8.       There is almost certainly going to be an increase in the fuel levy tax – this is keeping fingers crossed time.

9.       Being an election – someone is going to get a windfall to boost election votes- watch this space.  I will apologize if wrong!

10.   2013 has been financially tough on all South Africans – will there be good news in the wings!
We will publish the full budget speech 2014 by Minister 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Roman's Pizza CEO Challenge - a property switch