Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Job Prospects Good for Property Market

A positive employment outlook is always a nice booster for both the South African property market and job prospects in S.A. Although an increase in employment does not necessarily mean a rise in property prices, it generally means an increase in the number of sales.

According to the Manpower employment outlook survey South African is amongst the country with the strongest first quarter hiring prospects in 2008. Several sectors, such as construction and finance, insurance, real estate and business services are continuing to benefit in hiring terms from infrastructure development and the build-up to the Soccer World Cup 2010 tournament to be help in S.A. South Africa's seventy biggest companies and members of business leadership SA, have now committed themselves to making skills development a priority in their business and to build closer relationships with educational institutions.

This is a big, bold and awesome move on their behalf, as this will ensure that there are qualified people to fill the new positions that are being created and in time will also enable even more people to purchase their own home.

Development in South Africa, it's a must. I'd like to see some ideas and stories from people out there? Give us your thoughts!!!

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