Monday, 8 March 2010

Take advantage of SA's 2010 world cup and make some bucks!

Well with the world cup 2010 around the corner we expect many South African property owners to jump on the bandwagon. BAND ON THE RUN – everyone in SA property wants to make some money out of the 2010 World Cup – and why the heck not – everyone else has. Look at the Abu Dhabi inaugural grand prix, everyone was renting their apartment or house out , each Olympic games, Rugby world Cup, Cricket events, Golf, so why not the 2010 World Cup.

So what can we expect and what’s hot right now. Everywhere and everyone is creating 2010 world cup based websites for 2010 rentals, rooms, cottages, packages and in the background the real estate companies are preparing packages of every shape and size to entice the visitors from UK, USA, Africa, Europe, South America and Asia to buy a slice of South Africa and a very tidy profit.

The mortgage originators know that non residents visiting and buying property during the 2010 World Cup will get 50% mortgages and smartly if someone is visiting SA getting discounted currency transfers to and from South Africa for 2010 is an absolute must if you want to save thousands of rands or Dollars or Pounds on transfer fees. So who is offering some exciting stuff.

Well for currency transfers visit Forex Fundi.
Well for information on financing of all kinds – and this you should get to know.

For accommodation and travel – knock yourself out – I doubt of you could keep up – just come to south Africa for the 2010 world Cup – we welcome you with open hearts. Only if you support Bafana Bafana.



Home Refinance Loans said...

I am also going to build my site for 2010's world cup. I hope that i 'll a lot there by marketing on the web. Thanks for the idea buddy.

Olivia said...

well, that's a really good idea. i can only wonder when the world cup would be held in my country ... :(


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