Saturday, 14 July 2012

Richter & Associates Architects (STAY AWAY)

It is very seldom that I need to write BLOG posts of this nature, in fact the last time we wrote any warning about any companies was during the phase of all those cheating and stealing bond originators who were charging clients rediculous fees for bond applications. RUDCO - despicable company...

Recently I have had a personal experience with an architectural firm based in Pretoria, South Africa called Richter & Associates Architects ( - they don't deserve this backlink...

Although I admit myself having been short sighted by signing a contract and not stipulating certain guidelines that we had discussed in an initial meeting, being a man of my word, I kind of took them to be men of their words....Oops did I say men?


I will not mention the peoples name that I dealt with but, Richter and Associates architects are not people of their word and they rip people off of their money.

1. R200 000 architectural fee's for plans that were drawn up before we even met them (i could've downloaded these off the net)
2. They never listened a single request or requirements that we had (gave them photo's and pictured of big glass doors opening up onto the wooden deck - They created Romeo and Juliet balcony's with a grass deck)
3. Every time we met them, they came back with the plans that they wanted and the design and look and feel that they wanted and not what US the paying CUSTOMER was looking for!!!
4. Never did they stick to their word or what they promised they would do for us (Except when it came to paying)

When we finally decided we'd had enough and put up a stinker from here to kingdom come, Richter and Associates architects all of sudden dropped their fee's by R90 000.... WHICH COMPANY do you know can drop their fee's by 50% without blinking!!!!

So this BLOG post is to say to people that are thinking of building and designing their dream home:
1. STAY AWAY Richter & Associates Architects
2. Always make sure that when you sign the contract that you stipulate EVERYTHING in terms of your requirements on that contract
3. If you're doing a building bond cause you think you can include ALL the fee's in the building bond (including the architects) MAKE SURE that you stipulate that you will pay a deposit but the remainder of the fee's will only be paid upon successful acceptance of the building bond application with the banks.

"If you don't do this" - they will ask for their fee's upfront!!!!


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I have used them before myself and I must admit we had endless fights with them. Sorry to hear that u had a bad experience it's never nice for the first time.

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